Thursday, December 22, 2011

Vodafone Balance Transfer

Just Dial *131*Amount*FriendMobileNumber# to initiate a money transfer!
And your existing balance will be instantly debited and sent to your friend!

Suppose if you want to send 10 Rupees to your friend’s Number 9999999999 from your existing balance, all you need to do is dial *131*10*999999999# and wait for a confirmation pop up!
Easy Isn’t it?

Things you want to remember before initiating a Transaction-
  • Make Sure you enter the Valid 10 digit Mobile Number of your Friend (Cross Check Twice)
  • Enter any Amount between from 5Rs(lower limit) and 30Rs (upper limit)
  • You are allowed to transfer money to the same number only once in a day.
  • Play safe with *131*Amount*FriendMobileNumber# , Your crazy Friend could grab your Phone and send all your money to his Number
The Above Service was tested in Karnataka Region. Let us know whether it is available in your region.


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