Tuesday, December 27, 2011

How To Download Torrents in Java, Windows, Symbian and Android Mobiles

Mobiles with 3G and Wifi are common these days and various high speed data plans are available that gives lighting fast Internet speed.

These mobiles (Smartphones) have high storage capacity and you can save movies and other multimedia files without any constraint.

You can also download files directly from torrents using free mobile applications.

 How To Download Torrents In Android Mobiles:
Ever since the launch of android in 2007 it has revolutionized the smartphone industry.It is now the main competitor of Apple’s IOS and is the best selling smartphone platform.
Transdroid is an Android app that support various clients including ĀµTorrent, Transmission, rTorrent, Vuze, Deluge and BitTorrent 6.You can download multiple files simultaneously and monitor their downloading speeds,peers and seeds.
To search files on torrents you can use the integrated search engine and it will automatically catch the download.

How To Download Torrents In Symbian Mobiles:

Symbian is Nokia’s Smartphone operating system.Symtorrent is an open source bittorent client for symbian V3 and V5 mobile phones.You can manage multiples torrent files using symtorrent. It also supports resume capability so that you can complete your unfinished downloads later.

 How To Download Torrents In Windows Mobiles:

WmTorrent provides features that are at par with computer torrent clients.It is a paid software but  it can be used for free for limited period (Trial)

 How To Download Torrents In Java Mobiles:

Java mobiles are basic mobiles which are priced in mid/low range segment. All nokia S40 series phones have java operating system. They have a substaintal share in asian market. Mobtorrent is is the first and only torrent client for java mobiles. It can download only small torrents due to memory limitations of java phones.

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