Friday, December 23, 2011

Top disadvantages of Aakash tab

I think you have already read my post written about Akash tab's specifications and performance.
Today we are going to discuss the top threats that face this tab.We can discuss by points.


Government of India says that it would be available on market since December 2011.But the same time the developer, Data-wind says that it will be released only after 2012.

The information on its development was strangely unclear. We did cover it’s announcement over a year ago in July 2010. After that it seemed like the project was scrapped and suddenly it is being released in January 2012.

About 100,000 units will be available in January 2012, but still no clarity on which universities will be covered or even how one could pre-order the commercial version of the tablet.
If the tablet is meant to go into the hands of people who cannot afford a computer, I wonder how they would afford to pay for its connectivity. Even if they can afford internet connectivity, broadband internet is not all that easily available in rural parts of India.
It has a WiFi card along with support for GPRS. GPRS is ridiculously slow and prohibitively expensive. The other option of is WiFi connectivity, but even that is not easily available.
Another problem arises on the issues of support. Who will support the tablet? What will be the developer environment around it? What sort of apps will it run? What will be the encouragement for developers to build apps for this particular device?
I do not want to write-off this project as a failure even before it starts but these 5 issues will be key. I am not sure if India has the infrastructure to support such a product, especially in rural areas. I think the creators have done a great job of creating a tablet device at such a low price. It is a technical marvel in that sense, but now its true test will begin.
Discuss your own reviews about this product here..


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