Thursday, December 22, 2011

New tata docomo 3g internet trick free 2012 ~ tata docomo 3g hack

So How , if you get 2GB Gprs For 48 rs per month and a  3G speed  of 300 to 600 kbps.Great right?

Here I have provided the trick in detail read well,understand and proceed .This trick works every where in India where there is a 3g network. (IT is Important that you must need a 3G supporting device for it like 3g mobiles or 3g usb modem.)


1. First activate your Tata Docomo 2G Internet Plan Of 15 rs (500MB) OR 48 rs (15 is preffered)

2. And then make your balance to 1-2 rs

3. Now dial *141# and then select “3G Internet Plans” and select your state

4. Now activate lowest 3G Internet plans like of 11 rs or 9 rs

5. Now you will get the message of no balance so we can’t activate this 3G plan

6. Just ignore this message and now check your internet downloading speed of Tata Docomo 3G

7. Enjoy 3G Speed In Old 2G Internet Plans In Tata Docomo.

Note : This Tricks will only work where their is Tata Docomo 3G networks. Will work where you get the Tata Docomo 3G Networks. Tata Docomo 3G Speed

hope you enjoyed this trick please do comments. If this works let me know about the result because this trick is 100% working all over India.


Abhijeet said...

this is too old not 2012

Anonymous said...

idiots having new tricks showing old as new....this site is useless .

Anonymous said...

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