Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to Balance Transfer DoCoMo to Friend’s DoCoMo Number

Tata DoCoMo now allows you to recharge not only your mobile but also your friends mobile on the go right from your mobile by just sending a simple message. Tata Docomo BuddyNet service is a way with which you can avail this scheme.

To do so, you should first validate your mobile number

Steps to Tranfer Balance from Docomo to other Docomo Users:

  • Type a message BT<space>Friend’s Mobile number<space>Amount of balance transfer and send it to 54321
For Example to Transfer Rs.25 Talk-time from 9030012345 to 9030099999 . The sender types “BT 9030099999 25″ and SMS to 54321

  • In just a few seconds your friend’s DOCOMO number will receive the recharged amount on his mobile.
Points to be Noted-
  1. To reverse the Amount a Member needs to type “RBTTransaction ID” and send it to 54321
  2. SMS to 54321 for Balance Transfer will be charged at Re.1 and for reversal will be Toll Free.
  3. The sender’s account balance for “Balance Transfer” has to be Transfer Amount + Rs.1 at the time of transfer. If balance is not sufficient the transfer will be declined. However, the SMS will be charged.
  4. In case of Reversals the amount reversed will be dependent on the balance available with the recipient.
  5. The system will recognize “BT” or “bt” or “Bt”
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