Thursday, December 22, 2011

Again Airtel 3g hack new ~ Airtel 3g Hack

Hello readers we are having a new post on Airtel 3g hack.
Airtel 3G and 2G is hacked for third time in this december.
And This is my new trick to get free internet on mobile. In this trick you have to just download and install opera mini which is already modded .install and run it, You will get free internet on airtel mobile..

This trick is work with 2G and 3G both.
It’s absolutely working all over india. Hope it will work for you also. 
The trick is quite simple, as it looks.
Below are given some instructions. You have to just follow them in sequence as they are given.

step 1 : Make or MOBILEOFFICE as your accesspoint.
step 2 : If you found any problem related to space then move your application to different folder and get ready to enjoy free airtel gprs trick.
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not working man.... :(

Abhijeet said...

not working

Anonymous said...

try this free airtel 3g trick

Anonymous said...

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