Monday, January 16, 2012

How to avoid facebook scams

On fb, scammers use fb apps to gather users info & use their profile to post links of worms & trojans.
Steps to protect ur facebook account from scams-

1. Avoid clicking on short url’s posted in fb. If u want to click that link, verify it first from the person who posted it. MOst of this type of links r posted by fb worms.

2. Most of the scams r of the form of some videos. So avoid to click on such video link without verifying.

3. If after clicking on a link, it's aksing for some permission for using ur profile info as every application ask before use. Be sure to check all the permission whether its asking for valid permission or not.

4. Try to use less apps on fb. Most of the apps on facebook r useless.

I know it’s hard to avoid facebook applications but use those application after verifying it. Most of the scammers use your information for phishing and selling your information to other parties..

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