Thursday, December 22, 2011

7 Things You Should Know About Online Passwords

As online technology has advanced, so have hackers techniques for getting into your accounts and stealing personal information. Hackers break into computers 2,244 times each day by figuring out weak usernames or passwords, according to University of Maryland data.

If you’re still using the same password you made up when you opened your first email account, you are setting yourself up to be a hacking victim. But don’t worry; read on and learn how to set those Internet geniuses-gone-wrong up for failure by knowing the essentials about online passwords.

  • You need Diff passwords for each site.
  • Longer passwords are harder to hack.
  • You shouldn't use a word from dictionary. 
  • No personal meaning in passwords.
  • Passwords need to be changed regularly.
  • Follow guidelines to create stronger passswords.
  • Password manager helps you keep track of them all.
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