Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Tips To Save Battery On Android Phones

Battery information in one click How to know that how much battery is left, as the battery icon is not very accurate. Then we have to download a wonderful app called Anycut , which allows us to create icons or shortcuts to various functions of the mobile phone. Well, you can create a new battery information icon that gives one-click access to all this info, you can also do the same for another very interesting option in android 1.6 which gives
information about which apps are spending more battery.

Save Memory
Always remember that android manages which applications are closed and what not, but there are some that you can do yourself, especially if you GoogleTalk as it does not explicitly closeall the menus, they will always remain in the background, with the consequent consumption Battery . Do not forget to close itif you do not need.
Music on headphones or Loudspeaker?

You can Increase/decrease the volume of your mobile phone without installing anything or access any menu. All the android mobiles have a button or two toraise and lower the volume, you just have to hold it down for a second.
If you are in a quiet envirnoment its better to use low volume and always listen to to music on headphones rather then the loudspeakers.
These are the basic tricks that can save a lot of battery of your mobile. These tricks doesnot require a lot of effort but you have to make a routine of using above mentioned points..

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