Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Boost Speed Of Your S60 & S40 Device !!

Hi friends, this is kumaran.. Today in the modern age everything has becoming fast. Every one wants to be fast in their lives. But if your phone which is your daily needs gets slow then..? But i have the solution. I found this trick and it tested by me. I am very surprised with this trick and thought to put this trick to ya'all. So without wasting the time here is the trick.

This trick is working 100% in my mobile c2-01 and xpress music.

Hope it also working for you:-

In this trick we will have to make 2 new "to-dos"

1) You should have a nokia phone
(I dint try this trick on other phone but you can check and share yo experiences)

2)Goto "to-do" program in extra

3)Create a new "to-do" note
Subject- Speed
Due date- 04.08.2005
Priority- High

4)Now create a new "to-do" again
Subject- Qoukie
Due date- 04.08.20
Priority- Low
Confirm the both to-do notes with “Done”, but don’t close the calendar application.

5) Choose: Options To-do view

6) Mark “Speed” as done, after that mark “Qoukie” as done.

7) Now you can close the calendar.

8) Change the phones’ date back to the actual day.

9) Enjoy yo faster device

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