Friday, March 16, 2012

Mobile Data Leak Could Affect 200 Million China Phone Users

The widespread problem in China of internet data leaks has now spread to mobile data. One Chinese internet user shared a post on how simple it is to retrieve personal data through UC mobile browser. Local experts have estimated that the tutorial post has threatened the data security of 200 million mobile phone users in China..

The demonstration shows how to steal personal information using the UC Browser, a famous Chinese web browser for mobile devices in China. UC Browser has a 65 percent market share in China and it is starting to get popular in worldwide market. The hacks need Windows 7, wireless hotspot and wireshark software to complete the task. A first-time hacker could learn the skills for just two hours and he can begin stealing data. The data is easy to steal because user names and passwords are transferred is plain-text on the UC Browser, which means anyone can read the data as long as the browser is opened.

UC Browser, also known as UCWEB, is a very popular web browser for mobile devices in China.
According to official data from UC Mobile, it has more than 200 million users in China. Any personal data or passwords transferred via the UC Browser will be likely hacked. The browser company has responded by saying that the demonstration was an extreme case because the user has visited a Wi-Fi phishing site. The latest statistics shows more than 356 million mobile phone users access the internet from their phones in China. Chinese developers and web programmers really need to take responsibility for this type of security risk. It could be better to stick with the original mobile web browser which has provided by Apple and Google.


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