Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to hide ur IP ADDRESS Method-2

Simply hide ur “IP ADDRESS”. Go to this link now u’ll see it is showing u ur exact location. so, on tht circumstances u need to know how to hide ur “IP ADDRESS”. so tht on nobody can’t detect u.
we already discussed abt method 1 .

*****BY USING ADD-ON (METHOD-2)*****

1.DOWNLOAD Foxy Proxy standard from the link below:
download link:
(if u can't download it free then use crack method) click the right button and go to the option.from thr go to add new proxy., paste thr ip address and port tht u copied b4. general tab ,give a name as ur wish and save it. go to google and write down "check my ip".u'll notice tht ur ip address has been changed.

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Anonymous said...

Have any cmd code to hide ip?

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