Saturday, March 17, 2012

Airtel new 3G internet using D & Cproxy

The Airtel 3G internet Hack is alive again.Before The Hack was made

possible with Duck-Vpn ,Now you can Use Free internet with help of CProxy

The Trick is working in Majority Of States in INDIA...

Download C-Proxy :

Sign-up Here To get Login Credentials :
Verify email and get login details...(Login details will be sent in email)

Install Cproxy and enter the Login details which you got in email ,and select the Prague-CZ,UDP:9201 Server

Now change your Browser Proxy Settings and Add Proxy I.P: Port: 3128

Now Just Enjoy The FREE Internet...With around 100 Kb/s Speed.....
with Cproxy one can not only Just Use free airtel GPRS but also Speed Up The Internet...

Boosting Speed:
The software comes with Inbuilt Options of Compressing Images and Banning Huge images on Web pages thus ,Resulting in a Boosted Internet Speed..

Conditions FOR FREE Airtel 3G :
1.Balance Must Be Lower Than 10 paise( 0.10 Rs )
2.No Internet Card Must Be Activated


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suck bollz dickward it doesnt work....

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