Thursday, May 24, 2012

Secrets of free UC Web Mobile Browser

All mobile web enthusiasts, at some point of time have come across a certain mobile web browser called UCWEb. Typically UC Web stands for You Can Web (you can browse internet). UC Web is a browser created by a Chinese Software Corporation. It claims itself to be the dominant and most used browser within the Chinese community, and most probably it is a market leader there as it is one of the few rare browsers who have the functionality (language support) for Chinese people. Since it is a known fact that Android (CN version) is the most preferred operating system for Chinese mobile phones (courtesy to the opensource nature of Android), UC Web s strong support for the Android platform has made it a more dearer mobile web browser. This article will try to speculate over the hidden agenda behind this free to download, free to install and free to use browser.

Recently UC Web has been making inroads within the English based countries especially India and USA, this is a cause of worry. Given that UC Web has had a strong financial backing, and it is yet to make decent profits from its ventures, the browser supplying company seems a lot fishy when researched deeply. UC Web browser is one of the most despised browser when it comes to revenue generation. Unlike Opera Mini which provides the real originating ip of any web access via its http_x_forwarded server variable, UC Web provides none. It forms the perfect stealth browser for any internet miscreant especially spamers and abusers. A server request made by UC Web browser would get shielded through its proxy servers which are based in USA. As a result, mobile advertising companies like Admob (now Google Adsense), InMobi, Smatoo etc have blocked / banned mobile web publishers as UC Browser presents the same static masked proxy ip for every requests thus increasing CTR for a given IP to unbearable levels. Trust-mark is something that remains absent with UC Web especially for its marketers.

Another reason for doubting the integrity of UC Web is that, the browser has been doling out huge sums of money to its affiliates in order to make the browser popular among its international clients. The opaque nature of working of this company and its unusual interest in taking control of Indian and American mobile web users trends and communication data has made the browser doubtful. Since all the communication data is relayed via a proxy browser which is controlled by the company, the UC Web browser user is basically entrusting all his private data to the Chinese enterprise. No proper privacy policy with regard to the gathering and relay of data, to and from the server has been made public by the company. In a certain Privacy related page, few specifications have been made, but they are all sketchy and do not address the real question if UC WEB would keep a track of user history, privacy and security. UC Web may have its share of loyal followers but is it really trustworthy to be entrusted with all personal private data? The question remains open. Will you provide details of all your web history to some organization which is based in a shadowy country like China?

Few months ago, the Indian government fought tooth and nail with BlackBerry for the control of privacy of its BBM feature. It was a senseless battle wherein the government wanted to snoop into the corporate mails. The same government is turning a blind eye towards the spread of UC Web browser - A browser which can / which may control the browsing patterns and communication data relay between the armed forces personnel s mobile phone. United States of America too seems to have ignored the fact that its citizens will be at a huge risk if ever the UC Web browser was used to leak confidential data or private data of its citizens.

We at CEH Web think that it is our responsibility to educate people of current malicious systems, its implications and future problems. Be safe, do not let unknown corporations control your private data. Be a smart web netizen and never let your privacy be breached for whatsoever reasons. We have elaborated all risks involved with the usage of this browser. In the end the choice of end consumer, whether to use this browser or not. UC Web Browser seems a dubious browser at-least for us, now it is upto the mobile community to investigate in this matter and have a say regarding it...


Anonymous said...

Very nice info..

Simon Child said...

DAMN! I'm always use this browser in my tab, but this is the first time I know about secret behind this browser..

Anonymous said...

i just use it for downloading only
because i already know the secret behind it

Anonymous said...

nsa bad chinese bad what browser have to use? i know, none.

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