Monday, May 14, 2012

How to Protect Your WordPress Blog From Being Hacked

Plugins are one of the main attracting core to wordpress rather than Blogger.. It makes job easy for you..

I recommend Wordfence plugin for your safety. Here are some of its features.

*. Scans your core files against a reference copy which you maintain in your cloud servers.
*. Lets you see what has changed, how the file has changed and even repair it.
*. Scans your comments, posts and all files including core, themes, plugins and everything else under your WordPress root directory for malware, virus signatures, vulnerabilities
and (very importantly) URL’s that are known to host malware or viruses.
*. Wordfence keeps known dangerous URL’s, including ALL URL’s that are on Googles’ safe browsing list, out of your comments, pages, posts and files. This is by far my favorite feature because it’s virtually gauranteed to keep you off the dreaded red-page-of-death-malware-list that Chrome and Google use to ban sites.
*. Wordfence comes with a complete firewall that lets youset up rules based on the type of traffic and either throttle orblock offenders with an SEO safe 503 (come back later) HTTP message.
*. Another favorite feature of mine is that you can block fake Google crawlers. I actually added this after I tested Wordfence on this site because I couldn’t believe how many scrapers were pretending to be Googlebot. So now they are all instantly blocked.
*. Wordfence uses Google’s recommended reverse-forward DNS verification to sift the fake Googlebots from the real ones.
*. It includes login security against every form of brute force attack out there including abusing your lost-password form.
*. And what’s the point of having all this awesome security if you can’t see who is visiting, who’s getting blocked and what humans and robots are doing? So Wordfence includes real-time traffic that wait..for…it…
*. …Includes crawlers, scrapers, robots and all non-human traffic. Something you can’t get from Google Analytics or any other Javascript based analytics package.
*. I’ve even broken out Googlebot, other crawlers, 404 errors, humans and there’s an All Hits view.
*. And of course it includes commercial grade city-level geolocation which is another feature that comes from our cloud servers.
*. Wordfence is also built using much of the knowledge I’ve gained building Feedjit’s real-time analytics so it is careful to minimize any impact on network, website and mysql database performance and keep your website running super-fast..

Always stay upgraded to latest versions. Also don’t forget to Upgrade all your themes and plugins to their newest versions as well.

- Never use your username as“Admin / admin / user/ your name etc..” and passwords as “12345 / admin123/

Password must be from 8 – 16char + digit + special symbols , you can use various online sites for creating strict passwords..


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