Friday, January 06, 2012

Unlocking for Huawei EC150 data card..

DISCLAIMER: Please use at your own risk. I’ll be not responsible for any loss/damage.

Lets begin the procedure step by step.
  1. Download the firmware from here:
  2. Download the unlock code generator here : Click Here
  3. Find the IMEI no./ESN No printed on the data card or the box that came along
  4. Use the IMEI/ESN no. to generate unlock code
  5. Flash your data card and use the unlock code and flash code to upgrade/downgrade the firmware.
  6. Now your data card should be unlocked.
Please comment and let me know the results and maybe I can help further.


Anonymous said...

Huawei EC150 USB datacards do not have IMIE / ESN numbers.
So the unlock code generator does not work.
Please write something that you have tried and worked.
Do not just copy and paste from other sites.

-- Som

Anonymous said...

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Akhilesh Prasad said...

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magitha have said...

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Pascal Marcel Godonou said...

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