Monday, January 02, 2012

How to Delete An Infected File Or Folder Using Command Prompt

Viruses and malwares are increasing day by day. There are number of virus removal softwares are available to use and protect your PC from these viruses. Despite the use of these protection software, there is no guarantee that a virus can be stopped from infecting your PC. Many times virus and trojans restrict the access to data on the system and continue to corrupt other files. In such a case the infected files might become inaccessible because of their infected state. In that case it will be better for you to delete those files, whether those are important files for you or not. Even in some cases, you are not able to delete infected files because those viruses have set some attributes on your files that protect the file from being deleted. Then here is a guide for you to forcefully delete those kind of files


1. Open the "Command Prompt" from "Start" menu or by shortcut key "Windows Logo+R".

2. Type cmd in "Command Prompt" and hit Enter to open "Command Prompt" window.

3. Type the following command in Command Prompt to delte files

*. DEL /F /Q /A filename

here filename is the full address of your file e.g C:/Program Files/ABC/abc.txt
Here DEL is to delete the file specified, /F is the tag which helps in deleting the file forcefully, /Q is for quiet mode, so it won’t let the system to ask for your confirmation before deleting, /A tag help in deleting files with attributes like hidden files or so.

4. To delete the whole folder use following command
*. RD /S /Q folder path
here folder path is the full path to the folder you want to delete e.g C:/Program Files/ABC
Here RD is for Remove Directory, /S for removing all the sub-folders and files present in that folder, /Q for quiet mode that it will not ask for your confirmation before deleting

5. You can use the same method to remove any file or folder, but this method provides great help in deleting infected files in folders.



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