Thursday, June 21, 2012

Botnets Working Techniques And its Commands

A botnet is a collection of compromised computers, each of which is known as a 'bot', connected to the Internet. When a computer is compromised by an attacker, there is often code within the malware that commands it to become part of a botnet. The "botmaster" or "bot herder" controls these compromised computers via standards-based network protocols such as IRC and http

Types of attacks-

  • Denial-of-service attacks where multiple systems autonomously access a single Internet system or service in a way that appears legitimate, but much more frequently than normal use and cause the system to become busy.
  • Adware exists to advertise some commercial entity actively and without the user's permission or awareness, for example by replacing banner ads on web pages with those of another content provider.
  • Spyware is software which sends information to its creators about a user's activities – typically passwords, credit card numbers and other information that can be sold on the black market. Compromised machines that are located within a corporate network can be worth more to the bot herder, as they can often gain access to confidential information held within that company. There have been several targeted attacks on large corporations with the aim of stealing sensitive information, one such example being the Aurora botnet.
  • E-mail spam are e-mail messages disguised as messages from people, but are either advertising, annoying, or malicious in nature.
  • Click fraud is the user's computer visiting websites without the user's awareness to create false web traffic for the purpose of personal or commercial gain.
  • Access number replacements are where the botnet operator replaces the access numbers of a group of dial-up bots to that of a victim's phone number. Given enough bots taking part in this attack, the victim is constantly bombarded with phone calls attempting to connect to the internet. Having very little to defend against this attack, most are forced into changing their phone numbers (land line, cell phone, etc.).
  • Fast flux is a DNS technique used by botnets to hide phishing and malware delivery sites behind an ever-changing network of compromised hosts acting as proxies.
  • Brute-forcing remote machines services such as FTP, SMTP and SSH.
  • The worm behavior. Some botnet are designed to infect other hosts automatically.
  • Scareware can install the virus or the virus can install a scareware. For example users can be forced to buy a rogue anti-virus to regain access to their computer.
  • Exploiting systems by using multiple identities such as multiple player at the same poker table and voting system such as music clip and contest.
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Download 2- Botnet Commands  

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