Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Simple Method To Create iTunes Account Without Credit card

You can easily create an iTunes account without credit card with this tutorial.

The Ingredients you need:- iTunes software installed in your PC/MAC, your iPhone with cable.

*. Open iTunes and click the iTunes store(left sidebar)
*. Now in the top of the window, click “app store”
*. Then you see a vast variety of free and paid apps. Just try to download a free app
*. Then you will be forced to make either a log in or to create a new account
*. Continue the account setup with giving all data
*. At last you will see a payment method box..
*. Just choose payment method as “none”..
*. Now give your duplicate address and mail
*. You will shortly receive a confirmation mail.

Just verify it and you are done..

We have created an iTunes account without having any credit cards. Start downloading from app store and download stuffs as much as you want.

>>Do let’s know your feedback and also don’t hesitate to drop your doubts and queries.



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